Approach & Insights

The four elements that drive our creative approach are applicable in all our media executions, not just the latest internet trends. When engaging consumers, particularly for the highly competitive and demanding Japanese marketplace, the need to visibly engage, retain interest, elicit contact (or impression) and convert throughout the sales and marketing cycle is paramount. This is true whether for on-premise sales promotions, online launch campaigns or visual identity and merchandising initiatives.

We utilize this approach alongside our key areas of expertise in campaign strategy, visual design and identity, and technological implementations to support a diverse range of advertising and marketing initiatives on behalf of our agency and corporate clients.

Approach Details

We view our client’s business, for both retail locations and online sites, with an eye on consumer behavior, short-term conversion goals and long-term loyalty over the entire customer life cycle.


Whether in the bricks-and-mortar world of retail visual identity and merchandising, to the ever-evolving clicks-to-mortar world of internet advertising and search results, we develop creative solutions to catch the eyes of consumers with specific interests, lifestyles and objectives.


Once a consumer walks into your retail outlet or visits your site, the design, theme and information delivered must create a lasting impact. We work with you to understand the nature of your audience and then deliver information that gives them a clear understanding of your business or product, and facilitates their use of your service.


In any business, the ultimate objective of an engagement strategy is to convert a passive target into an active user of your product or service. To counter the short attention spans of consumers, our retail and marketing promotions provide immediate and multiple ways to create a conversion once the campaign has established an impression and triggered their curiosity.


An effective campaign strategy for retail and online campaigns must create retention with repeat visitors and purchases. Products, retail locations and online sites must have “sticky” content that encourage multiple engagements with the brand. An effective mix of these elements not only will maximize your conversion rates, but also generate a means of increased business from existing clients with little or no additional expenses.

Core Competency Details

With these four integral elements of our creative approach in mind, we apply our core competencies in Strategy, Design & Technology as needed to create the ideal custom solution for our clients.


We leverage our unique creative skills for compelling through-the-line campaigns integrating above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line (BTL) components


We are award-winning creative directors in package design, visual identity and merchandising, branding, print and interactive media


We build internet-based custom and turnkey solutions to delivery database driven marketing programs, including eCommerce sites, eCRM platforms, social media and networking sites